The Early Numeracy Interventions (ENI) program is composed of two separate products: ENI Level I and ENI Level 2. Each program was developed to provide teachers with evidence-based instructional materials for teaching students who struggle with primary level numeracy concepts and procedures, while applying these skills to mathematics problem solving. The ENI program provides instructional materials designed to remediate and strengthen numerical competence for students who need supplemental, intensive, ongoing mathematics instruction.

Features of Level 2

      ·      Ten units with 14 lessons

      ·      Content focuses on: ordering and comparing numbers; understanding place value with single- and multi-digit numerals, using                            properties of operations and strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems; applying strategies to solve addition and                          subtraction word problems. 

       ·      ENI skills and concepts are aligned with the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics and the National Council of             

              Teachers of Mathematics Standards

       ·      ENI has been validated for use in a Response to Intervention or pre-referral program, or can be used in an early mathematics 

               special education program.

       ·      Each lesson

                        o   activates background knowledge and makes connections to related mathematical concepts.

                        o   provides explicit, systematic instruction including modeling and “thinking aloud” to help students understand the

                             math, pacing that accommodates the instructional levels of the students, practice opportunities with teacher

                             guidance, and correction of misconceptions and errors, carefully selected skills and concepts and examples that

                             facilitate conceptual understanding and procedural knowledge.

                       o   helps students to reason and make connections by explaining the math and justifying answers.

                       o   provides multiple representations including physical representations, pictorial and graphic representations, and         

                             symbolic representations.

                       o   utilizes mathematically precise language that accurately reflects mathematical concepts and procedures.

Level 2 focuses on:

         -  A number range of 0 – 999 for reading, writing, and representing number
         -  A transition across lessons from concrete models, drawings, and equations to drawings and symbolic representations for

             equations and concepts
         -  Fluency for addition and subtraction facts within 20 using mental strategies
         -  Review of math vocabulary from Level 1 with the introduction of new math vocabulary for Level 2
         -  Review of Level 1 early numeracy concepts and skills and more fluency building in Level 2

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#2002 ENI Level 2: $189.00

COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES: Spiral-bound Teacher’s Manual and CD-ROM containing Student Masters for each lesson, Teacher Masters for each lesson, and Unit Check progress monitoring measures. ©2015

#2003 ENI Levels 1 and 2: #349

COMBINATION PACKAGE INCLUDES: Spiral-bound Teacher’s Manual and CD-ROM for both levels, containing Student Masters for each lesson, Teacher Masters for each lesson, and Unit Check progress monitoring measures. ©2015

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PROGRESS MONITORING: We are currently field-testing the Early Numeracy Assessment, a universal screening and progress monitoring tool to accompany the ENIs. We are looking for people who use the ENI to help with field-testing. For more information, click here.