The Functional Evaluation for Assistive Teachnology (FEAT) was designed to assist in the assistive technology evaluation of students with learning disabilities and difficulties. The FEAT is designed to identify the most appropriate and effective device to help individuals with learning problems (of all ages) compensate for their difficulties and meet the demands of specific tasks/functions and contexts. It was designed to be used to evaluate single or multiple AT devices, for single or multiple tasks, in single or multiple contexts.  The FEAT has five scales.

The Contextual Matching Inventory provides information about students' setting-specific demands.

* The Checklist of Strengths and Limitations is used to gather data regarding person-specific characteristics.

* The Checklist of Technology Experiences offers additional information about the person-specific characteristics with regard to a student's past/current use of technology.

* The Technology Characteristics Inventory examines device-specific characteristics such as dependability, product support, and so forth.

* The Individual-Technology Evaluation Scale is used to determine whether the proposed AT adaptation offers legitimate potential for compensatory effectiveness.

* The Summary and Recommendations Booklet is used to summarize the assessment information, make recommendations, and arrange for follow-ups to assess for effective implementation.

The scales are completed by various members of the assistive technology assessment team to provide an ecological assessment of assistive technology needs. The following shows which AT evaluation team member is responsible for completing each scale.

Contextual Matching Inventory: Teacher, employer, family member, and/or student or employee interviewed by the AT Evaluation Team Leader

Checklist of Strengths and Limitations: Teacher, employer, family member, and/or student or employee interviewed by the AT Evaluation Team Leader

Checklist of Technology Experiences: Student or employee interviewed by the AT Evaluation Team Leader

Technology Characteristics Inventory: AT Evaluation Team Leader

Individual-Technology Evaluation Scale: AT Evaluation Team Leader

Summary and Recommendations Booklet: AT Evaluation Team Leader

Reproducable Individual-Technology Evaluation Worksheets are available in the Examiner's Manual to determine the effectiveness of such tools as Screen Reader, Optical Character Recognition, Word Prediction, and others.

Complete FEAT Kit includes:

The Examiner's Manual
25 copies of the Contextual Matching Inventory
25 copies of the Checklist of Strengths and Limitations
25 copies of the Checklist of Technology Experiences
25 copies of the Technology Characteristics Inventory
25 copies of the Individual-Technology Evaluation Scale
25 copies of the Summary/Recommendations Booklet

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#0273: Contextual Matching Inventory (25) $19.00
#0274: Checklist of Strengths and Limitations (25)  $19.00
#0275: Checklist of Technology Experiences (25) $19.00
#0276: Technology Characteristics Inventory (25) $14.00 
#0277: Individual-Technology Evaluation Scale (25) $19.00
#0278: Summary/Recommendations Booklet (25) $26.00

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