Phonological Awareness Training for Reading–Second Edition(PATR-2) increases the level of phonological awareness in young children. The program is divided into four phases:  * Warm-up   * Sound blendin * Sound segmenting * Reading and spelling

The warm-up phase includes rhyming activities to focus attention on the sounds in words. Following the warm-up phase, the formal training program begins with activities to blend individual sounds to make words. The third phase addresses the more difficult segmenting activities. In the final phase of instruction, students use letters to represent the phonemes in words and learn to use their phonological awareness skills in reading and spelling.

Appropriate for either individual or group work, Phonological Awareness Training for Reading, Second Edition takes about 12 to 14 weeks with short sessions 3 to 4 times per week.

New features of the second edition include:

Newly updated research
Easy to follow lesson plan format which includes teacher scripts
Student Progress Record
CD-ROM which includes reproducible Appendixes A – H and the “Phoneme Pronunciation” audio file
Target Group: At-risk children in Kindergarten needing help to prepare for reading in 1st grade and 1st or 2nd grade students having difficulties learning to read.

Complete Kit includes: Training Manual, 70 Letter Cards (boxed), 52 Rhyming Picture Cards (boxed), 102 Picture Cards (boxed), 36 Word Cards (boxed), 3 Full-color 11x17” Game Boards, 9 cubes, 6 large colored tokens, large custom die and CD-ROM, all in a sturdy storage box.

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